About Us.

We are a strength and conditioning gym, proudly affiliated with CrossFit.

When creating CrossFit Volume, my dream was to create a community that was like an extended family. I wanted the exact opposite of the commercial gym, where everyone wears headphones and ignores one another.

I have succeeded — Hassan Abdallah

Meet your coaches.

Passion - Knowledge - Care

Hassan Abdallah


"If anyone has a strength or mobility limitation we will address them and work through correct progressions. They will never have to avoid working on goals they think are impossible."

Marko Stojanovic


"A big mistake people make is saying they don't have enough time. So I break it down with them. Work out the hours they have in the week, give them a raw number at the end."

Teodora Dincheva


"CrossFit makes me physically and mentally stronger, thats what I love about it."



"I found Crossfit was the best way to comet against myself and my peers."