What to expect
at Crossfit Volume.

We are not a bargain gym, there are enough of those on every block.

Results that last are not cheap, quick and easy.

We do have a range of membership and pricing options to suit different needs and budgets.

Help us get to know you and understand your needs.
Your fitness journey will not be the same as some one else’s. To get the fastest results, the approach needs to be tailored to you!

We discuss your current nutrition and lifestyle habits, as well as your individual goals.

Get involved and get moving!

Meet your coach at your first training session. You will try a little bit of every thing and your coach will find out about how you move.

Assessing movement early is the key to long term health and injury free training.

It’s time to start doing the work. A mixture of classes, private instruction and your own practice will help you start seeing fast results.

On top of that, you will make life long friends and training will never feel like a chore again.

Included in Memberships.

Unlimited group classes.

Get access to every class available on our timetable. Mandatory personalised on boarding course. Full access to workouts and results tracking via our app WODIFY.

Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching.

Do you have body composition and aesthetic goals. This membership add on is a must.

Personal Training.

It's not just for celebrities! The fastest way to accelerate your results. Incorporate personal training into your schedule on a quarterly, monthly or weekly basis.
Kick start your motivation, shred for a wedding, tick off that pull up goal in no time with completely customised approach.

Womens Only.

Enjoy our 100% private classes exclusive to women. Created and coached by our passionate female coaches in the most supportive environment.

Wear what you like and just have fun with training- no judgement here!